All readings will arrive within 1 week, in the form of a PDF. Video calls can be arranged to explore the reading further and answer in-depth questions; a 30 minute call will cost an additional $100.

Tips not required, but appreciated!

Feel free to message me if you have any questions! >

I accept Pay through my website, as well as Venmo, PayPal and Cashapp.

a colorful horoscope chart with a colorful background

Astral Portrait

two squares with the letters t and c on them

Beginner Read

a tarot card with the word tc on it

Standard Tarot Read

a set of cards with the letter t on them

Expanded Tarot Read

the tc logo with a heart and a moon

Love Reading

a tarot card with a heart on it

Couple’s Reading


a set of cards with the letter t on them

Multi-Deck Reading


a white sun and moon icon on a black background

Astrology Reading

a birthday cake with candles in the sun

Birthday Reading {Astrology + Tarot}

a sun with a heart in it on a black background

Synastry Reading

{Astrology and compatibility for couples}

a silhouette of a baby in the sun

Baby Reading