I have a growing library of 20+ Tarot and Oracle decks. Each has it’s own style and type of guidance, covering a wide range of topics. Every reading will have a unique combination of decks, depending on your goals!

Quick Reading - $10

This reading is great for a quick, single topic or question. This can be a yes or no, or even an oracle card, depending on the question.

Beginner Reading - $30

A tarot+oracle read, great for dipping your toes into the water!

Standard Tarot Reading - $50

This reading consists of at least one tarot deck and three oracle decks.

Expanded Tarot Reading - $100

Expanded readings use at least two tarot decks, as well as at least 4 oracle decks, which will vary according to topic.

Love Reading - $100

Love readings utilize romance and partnership-specific decks, to explore one’s own personal love journey. This is separate from Couple’s Readings, which involve reading for two individuals.

Couple’s Reading - $250

Couple’s readings will involve card reads (tarot and oracle) for both parties, as well as exploring the dynamics of the two together.

Multi-Deck Reading - $250

Great for in-depth readings covering big topics, or events like birthdays. This reading includes at least two tarot decks, and a wide combination of oracle decks- sometimes totaling over 10 separate decks all contributing to one reading!

Astrology Reading - $100

Astrology readings cover your natal chart, which is a map of the sky at the time of your birth. I’ll cover all major luminaries (sun, moon, and planets) as well as houses and planetary aspects, which all come together to make one unique YOU!

Birthday Reading - $250

Birthday readings combine astrology and tarot, offering personal insight, as well as direction and themes for the coming year.

Synastry (love) Reading - $250

Synastry readings look at two individuals, and how they interact, as well as the overall theme of their union.

New Baby Reading - $250

New baby readings examine the charts of the child and birth parent (or chosen parent) to examine their connection, planetary interactions, and to provide insight as they grow.